If a brand has ruled over the fashion industry with its innovative minds, crafted exclusiveness and attached social statute for decades, that is only Hermes. The brand was established in 1837 in France as a high fashion manufacturer. HERMÉS has a wide range of bags in its assortment and there are quite a number of series features a specific style in different colors and materials. Did you come across the picture of Katie Holmes with an orange bucket style bag in hand, which appears to add a vibrant touch to all the dark outfits? The bag is a fancy amalgamation of our usual bucket bags with Hermes Double Sense. The bag we are talking about is the Picotin Lock bag that is inspired by horse feed bags.

This bag is a brand-new addition in the timeless Hermes lines with raw edges and no lining part. This bucket tot has reinforced the design of a one-piece bag with top leather handles that fit perfectly on your arm. To add security to your bag, there is a cross over leather strap that encloses on the front bottom with a padlock. Although the bag is not that costly as compared to the Hermes Birkin, still the brand name has enough to demand from the buyers. The bag. This steep price has made it out of teaching for most of the buyers. If you are one of the gals who appreciate the unique style of this variant but want to grab this style at a lower price, buy high quality, a super-identical replica of Hermes Picotin.

Where to Buy High-end Hermes Picotin Replica?

Probably, it is the most sought-after question. Buying a replica is affordable but it can turn out to be an even costlier and embarrassing experience if you don’t search the market first. There are thousands of replica vendors and unfortunately, most of them are not capable of crafting what they commit. They either lack in quality or leave glitches in design and crafting and the buyer ends up regretting spending their hard-earned money on those fake bags. Hence, if you are looking forward to having a super fake HERMES replica, search the market for a credible and established name of the replica supplier. After research you will end up with only a few names that are devoted to serve their clients at their best. The Coveted Luxury is one such Hermes replica supplier that is dealing in replicas since 1998 and has thousands of clients from all across the world on its credit.

The Coveted Luxury has an extensive assortment of all the Hermes bags and Hermes Picotin is not an exception. We have all the hues and shades of the number that are used in the original series. There are 36 variants in two popular sizes that are 18, and 22. Hermes uses Taurillon Clemence leather in this series. And all the bags at The Coveted Luxury are manufactured by using the same leather. The Coveted Luxury assures the genuinely high-quality material, 100% precision of even minimal details and excellence in crafting. To establish our claim, let’s have a detailed description of one of the bags from the assortment with real pictures of the replica.

Hermes Picotin 


Why Buy Hermes Picotin Replica at The Coveted Luxury?

The Coveted Luxury features a complete assortment of Hermes Replicas, with every piece crafted with high-quality material and extreme precision. Our workers take more than 36 hours to create a single article to make sure that all the standards of quality and design are met with excellence

Replica Hermes Picotin Lock 22 Bag Parchemin 3C Taurillon Clemence

The Picotin is crafted with high-end Taurillon Clemence leather from the same tannery that is used by the Hermes. The leather has a matte look that is a feature special for these bags. The Coveted Luxury is extremely conscious of the fact that any less or extra shine can expose the fakeness hence, the same leather types are always obtained to manufacture the products.

Replica Hermes Picotin Lock 22 Bag Parchemin 3C Taurillon Clemence belt 
This bag has no extra logos and embellishments but the overall stature of the bag is the key to identify the signature shape. We have created the replica with the same dimensions so that the stature makes the bag parallel to the original one. These dimensions are W21 x H22 x D17 cm and the bag can stand on its own with a perfect posture that makes the bag one of its kind.

Hermes Picotin Lock 22 Bag Parchemin 3C Taurillon Clemence shoulder strap Hermes Picotin Lock 22 Bag Parchemin 3C Taurillon Clemence back side inside view of replica Hermes Picotin Lock 22 Bag Parchemin 3C Taurillon Clemence

While crafting the bags our workers put due attention to every stitch to make every seem neat, equally spaced and tightly slanted in the same direction. Most of the stitches are doubled as the Hermes makes in their bags to assure the durability.

The Coveted Luxury is determined to create the same and take the task as a challenge. That’s why we take care of every minimal detail and follow that in the exact manner. We have put the stamp reading “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” with a dash correctly spotted on the last E of Hermes. This refined engraving is in the same depth and accent. These engravings, the Hermes Artisan ID, and Date Code on the strap are all the details that make these replicas pretty comparable to the original Hermes bags.

Buy Hermes Picotin at the Lowest Price

We are confident about our devotion and sure that the resulted perfect super-fake has convinced you of its quality and precision. The best point is that you can buy this super identical bag with all the stated feature at a considerably low price. The original bag can be bought for thousands of dollars but you can grab the same grace for only $745 for the 22 size and $675 for the 18 size with free shipping for all standard orders.

No concerns left? Hurry up and buy a high-end replica of one of the unique creations from the house of Hermes at the lowest price. If you are interested in other variants of the number, or other popular series like Hermes Birkin or Kelly explore our assortment to get what you need at the most affordable prices.